January 14, 2012

Patrick McElligott's fast for clean water at Senator Libous' office, Binghamton on 1/16

On Monday, January 16, Patrick R. McElligott of Guilford in Chenango County will be beginning a fast for clean water outside Senator Libous' office in Binghamton. His goal is to obtain a meeting with Senator Libous who has declined to meet with his own constituent. Mr. McElligott would like an opportunity to voice his opposition to hydrofracking. Please check out this video of Mr. McElligott or this Truth Out article and then his personal letter. One of his concerns is the Hanehan gas well now being constructed near his home in Guilford.

We can all help by asking the following people to support a meeting between Mr. McElligott and Senator Libous:

NYS Senator Tom Libous
Binghamton: 607-773-8771, and 877-854-2687
Albany: 518-455-2677

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 518-474-8390.

Environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: 914- 422-4343
(Mr. Kennedy holds an advisory position on the state's hydrofracking panel. Please call Mary Beth Postman, Mr. Kennedy's secretary at Pace University, and ask that Mr. Kennedy contact Governor Cuomo on this issue.)