February 9, 2013

Homestretch Action Guide
Toxics Targeting's Homestretch Action Guide outlines calls to make over the next few days to ensure Governor Cuomo protects residents of the Southern Tier, as well as state-wide, and waits on science as he has repeatedly stressed he will do.  He is under enormous pressure from both sides of this debate so we must continue to have our voices from the Southern Tier heard and recognized!

On Faith & Fracking film... featuring many of the landscapes of Chenango County!
Grassroots Environmental Education has produced On Faith & Fracking, a beautiful film, about our dependency on the earth and one another for the health, safety and well-being of all life.  Many of the still photographs, between the interviews with faith leaders, are of locations around Chenango County.

Save the Southern Tier!
Please check out Save the Southern Tier, a new umbrella group for the five counties New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering for testing fracking. "Save The Southern Tier is a broad-based network of existing grassroots groups who are working to stop fracking from happening in our home and in the state at large. Our movement is diverse in tactics and strategy, but our numbers are growing and we will work tirelessly to prevent fracking from happening."

New Anti-Fracking Network Launches in NY - EcoWatch reported on the group's launch, January 31, 2013.