August 13, 2014


Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy (C-CARE) supports the development of sustainable, renewable energy in Chenango and neighboring counties. We believe that the long-term economic well being of our county requires a clean natural environment that supports sustainable agricultural practices and recreational enterprises.

A sizable number of Chenango County residents are concerned by a perceived lack of balance at meetings of the Chenango County Natural Gas Advisory Committee. Starting in the summer of 2010, C-CARE developed a petition asking the Chenango County Board of Supervisors to support a sensible pause in natural gas development in order to allow time to explore the development of clean, renewable energy alternatives in the county and to safeguard our community from the inevitable negative side effects of large-scale industrial shale gas extraction. C-CARE has been addressing this imbalance through our public education forums and attendance at county and town meetings.  C-CARE has been increasingly garnering support for prohibiting high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) within the county and New York State as a whole.

Chenango County Petition

C-CARE has been actively working to inform Chenango County residents about high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as well as renewable energy sources through forums and films. Events are free to the public and address issues related to our region's as well as world's economic, environmental and public health. C-CARE members regularly attend county and town board meetings and share resources with community groups. To help, please contact C-CARE at ccare at

For our events and others in the area, see the GasMain calendar.

May 4, 2013

Film:  Living Downstream (Free Admission- Come early for food & conversation!)
Tuesday, May 14 at 7 PM
Founders Room, United Church of Christ
11 West Main Street, Norwich
(Parking on the street, in the Hayes St. lot or the County Office Building lot, NOT in the Church parking lot.)

Based on the acclaimed book by biologist and cancer survivor, Dr. Sandra Steingraber,
Living Downstream is an eloquent documentary film. It follows her during one pivotal year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links. The scientific evidence presented in Living Downstream, showing how toxic industrial chemicals enter our bodies where they cause cancer, is a powerful reminder of the close connection between the health of humans and the health of our air, land, & water.

“The Second Tuesday Monthly Film Series” is sponsored by C-CARE (Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy) & Chenango County Peace Action.
Contact Chris at 334-6095 or Ken at

Next Film: TBA, Tuesday, June 11, 7PM, @ UCC Norwich

March 24, 2013

Fleased Forum on Gas Lease Termination, 3/14/13

On March 14, Concerned Residents of Oxford, CDOG and C-CARE together hosted a Fleased Forum for Chenango County landowners and leaseholders on gas leasing issues with Joe Heath, Esq. and Geologist Ellen Harrison of It was filmed and is now available online as well as on cable access. 

Please watch at: Fleased Forum on Gas Lease Termination

Presentations covered a range of topics including the implications of gas leases on insurance coverage, property uses, and mortgages; how mineral right deeds mean you are permanently giving up your mineral rights; how Norse’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing affects the leases they currently hold; how lease assignments (sales) impact current leases; what the recent force majeure decision in Binghamton means for expired or soon-to-expire leases in Chenango County and how to terminate a gas lease after the primary term (actions must be taken to truly expire leases, even if they are decades old).

February 9, 2013

Homestretch Action Guide
Toxics Targeting's Homestretch Action Guide outlines calls to make over the next few days to ensure Governor Cuomo protects residents of the Southern Tier, as well as state-wide, and waits on science as he has repeatedly stressed he will do.  He is under enormous pressure from both sides of this debate so we must continue to have our voices from the Southern Tier heard and recognized!

On Faith & Fracking film... featuring many of the landscapes of Chenango County!
Grassroots Environmental Education has produced On Faith & Fracking, a beautiful film, about our dependency on the earth and one another for the health, safety and well-being of all life.  Many of the still photographs, between the interviews with faith leaders, are of locations around Chenango County.

Save the Southern Tier!
Please check out Save the Southern Tier, a new umbrella group for the five counties New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering for testing fracking. "Save The Southern Tier is a broad-based network of existing grassroots groups who are working to stop fracking from happening in our home and in the state at large. Our movement is diverse in tactics and strategy, but our numbers are growing and we will work tirelessly to prevent fracking from happening."

New Anti-Fracking Network Launches in NY - EcoWatch reported on the group's launch, January 31, 2013. 

January 26, 2013

A huge thank you to Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (CCSE)- a beautiful example of New Yorkers sticking together to protect one another.  Fracking simply is not safe here or anywhere.   Please sign up for CCSE's action alerts at

And call and write Governor Cuomo today with your opinion on fracking in the Southern Tier: 

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224


Governor Cuomo hasn’t leveled with New Yorkers, so no one can predict exactly when or where high-volume hydraulic fracturing may be introduced in the state. One thing is already clear: politically powerful constituencies like New York City will be given a measure of protection that won’t be extended to rural communities. Last summer the Cuomo administration leaked a plan to let the gas industry “frack” five Southern Tier counties while temporarily keeping other areas of the state off-limits. Now those five counties - Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga - are in the industry’s crosshairs.
Next week Catskill Citizens will begin mailing an informational brochure to over 190,000 households in these five target counties. It poses the question “Are you ready to be part of Governor Cuomo’s experiment?” The brochure describes industry exemptions from key environmental laws that can lead to drinking water contamination, and points out that individual property rights are no match for powerful gas drilling corporations.

Elected officials and landowners are increasingly saying no to fracking in NY.   Sign onto REALNYS (Responsible Associated Landowners of NYS) and ask your representatives to sign the following Elected Officials' letters:
REALNYS- The Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State

Elected Officials to Protect New York

Government Officials Request that Governor Cuomo
Require Public Participation for DOH Review/Assessment